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Anand Lado Bitiya Bachat Patra

Deposit in 6 Years

Half-yearly Deposit Amount Rs. 3,000/- Total Deposit Amount Rs. 36,000/-

After 7 Years
Rs. 51,000/-

On Re-Investment of Amount

Get Rs. 5,100/-
Cash / Gift
After 9 Years
Rs. 65,000/-

On Re-Investment of Amount

Get Rs. 6,500/-
Cash / Gift
Anand Lado Bitiya Bachat Patra
After 13 Years
Get Rs. 1,11,000/-

On Re-Investment of Amount

After 18 Years
Maturity Amount

Get Rs. 2,35,000/-
Rs. 15,000*/-

Get – *Rs 15000/-
Gold / Gift / Cash

Terms & Conditions:-

  • Anand-Lado Bitiya Bachat Patra (ALB) is a Child Plan and 18 Years Plan.
  • Half Yearly Deposit amount will start to Rs.3000/- or multiple of Rs.3000/- i.e. Rs.6000/-, Rs.9000/-, Rs.12000/- and so on.
  • In ALB, investor will pay a Half Yearly Amount (as per Half Yearly amount he/she opted to pay) for 6 Years (or 12 Half Yearly) of Plan.
  • In ALB, Guardian will have right to operate the plan.
  • In ALB, Maturity amount will pay to Child, when she/he Cross the Age of 18.
  • In ALB, Irregularity of Amount can be reason of difference in Maturity Amount.
  • Gift will be given to the Investor of ALB as per society’s Gift Policy.
  • For more details contact to nearest Branch or Contact to advisors of AACCSL.
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