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Anand Special Bond Schemes

Anand Silver Bond
Double Amount
In 5 Years
Anand Gold Bond
Triple Amount
In 8 Years
Anand Platinum Bond
Quadruple Amount
In 10 Years
Highest Interest Rate 15% on Deposits

Highest Interest Rate 6% on Saving Accounts

Terms & Condition-

  • Deposit against Loan Will be 80% of Deposit Amount.
  • Deposit against Loan will charge to 18% Rate of interest (On Recurring Deposit, it will be Monthly Compounded & On Fixed Deposit, it will be yearly compounded).
  • On Prematurity, given gift, Commission & other prize will chargeable interest.
  • All rights & authority will remain to Anand- Agia Credit Cooperative Society LTD, Jodhpur.
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