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(Undertaking Of Co-operative)
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Membership Process:

  1. Any person who needs services of society, capable of making contract and resides within the work area of the society or engaged in business in work area of society can become its member.
  2. For becoming a member of “Anand – Pariwar“, person has to collect the membership form, which is easily available at our all branches or Web Site. For this person has to deposit sum of Rs.10 as an admission fee which is not refundable & has to deposit sum of Rs. 100 & its multiples as a share money which is totally refundable.
  3. If the investor is minor (below the age of 18 years), the nominal form will be filled in the name of guardian (who has been provided with right of operations) and the guardian will only sign.
  4. In case the intended member is illiterate, it is necessary to put his coloured photograph on the membership form. Once a person is granted nominal membership, second time he will neither be made nominal member nor a member.
  5. At the time of money transfer, complete the nominal form fully and get it attested by the branch manager.
Mandatory Documents:
  • Application Form
  • Two colored photograph
  • Id Proof (Self attested)

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